Thursday, October 13, 2022

The importance of the values of your company

When you are analysing the idea of a business venture, the first thing you should put on the table is the priority of your company, this being an extension of your personal image, so you should pay close attention to all the details before you can launch it to the market, as it will serve as a letter of introduction for future investors looking to partner with you and your venture.

Daniel Suero Alonso is an expert in the business field, being the objective value one of his main points when talking about any business, being clear that without being clear about this aspect, your company will not be able to take off in the right way because you will be sending wrong signals to both your customers and your investors.

Remember that when you are devising the purpose of your company, your values will be the ones that will drive it to connect with the right people, managing to hit the target of your target audience, so those people who are looking to feel a certain way will think in the first instance in your venture.

As Daniel Suero Alonso points out, the values of your company reflect your own convictions, so you should always see them as an extension of your ideals, and establishing your values and goals from the beginning will help you visualise yourself in the medium and long term, presenting yourself as a more serious person.

By setting the right values for your company you can make sure that all your future employees are aware of the values they need to live by in order to make your venture shine the more it grows, making it through all obstacles while remaining firm and transparent.

So now you know, it is important that you establish the values of your company to be able to continue growing over time without losing your initial objectives, Daniel Suero Alonso wants you to go further and further, hoping that you can establish a great work plan to start one hundred percent with your idea.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

"Digital banking regulation, key to strengthening banking": Daniel Suero Alonso

With experience in risk management and regulatory compliance, the young entrepreneur is revolutionising finance. Today, he discusses the future of the banking world and banking regulations.

With the risk management expertise he acquired at Frankfurt Business School of Finance and Harvard, Daniel Suero Alonso is an expert in financial markets who, at 33, has positioned himself as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in banking revolution and financial technology. Based on a solid track record, he shares his vision of banking trends for 2021.

The UK was one of the first countries to regulate new banking, and Daniel Eduardo Suero Alonso didn't think twice about jumping into this revolution. He has become one of the most experienced entrepreneurs in the regulated world and an eminent figure in this imminent niche with important publications in the media on the evolution of the industry and the financial markets.

Today he is already a candidate for directorships in several financial associations and has gained a wealth of experience in corporate governance, with a crucial insight into the evolution of the banking industry and financial markets that allows him a unique sensitivity to the subject, as well as a personal interest in the banking revolution that is becoming more relevant every day.

The evolution of digital banking has become a trend not only for the younger generation, but for all people and companies who want to improve their daily lives with technology applied to finance.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, digital technology accelerated exponentially, changing the financial landscape for all players. Thus, the old models are increasingly in need of digital, which represents about 1.3 billion dollars in Mexico, according to the KoreFusion report on Fitnech in Latin America.

Against this encouraging backdrop, Daniel Suero Alonso explains that "banks have an opportunity to change their speed of innovation and provide the technological value that users need. To achieve this, they must demonstrate their honesty, passion and perseverance to provide all their customers with a digital experience from start to finish, so they can bring to this digital society the value of technological tools in the banking sector".

The entrepreneur and banking specialist points out that this scenario turns the more than 200 fintechs in Mexico into 'key partners' of the digital transformation, a phenomenon that offers a great opportunity to improve the user experience with service and attention alternatives.

For Daniel Suero, it is necessary to reflect on digital banking and the evolution of the financial situation. "Are banks ready to implement digital transformation and do they have the technological know-how, the vision and the leadership to face this continuous innovation?

It is a reality that all signs are pointing towards a much broader financial evolution. "The Spin mobile app from Oxxo shops - launched in December 2020 - is an indicator of the impact that new technologies are having, of their potential and exponential growth, which is a new need for traditional banking. It is a question of evolving, not just offering a choice of digital services. This process must be supported by experts and regulators who drive the development of efficient, agile digital platforms that offer a quality service. This is where the challenge lies and where the focus should be", concludes the expert.

Thursday, July 8, 2021

From the media

The Spaniard with two startups, a book, awards and 29 years old

Daniel Suero Alonso, a young Andalusian, is considered one of the most reputable critics of traditional banking.

Where did your early interest in finance come from?

It all started at the age of 18 when I began to analyse the commissions of intermediary financial institutions and products such as preference shares, which almost wrecked my family's economy. From that moment until today, my only motivation has been and continues to be to improve the banking system and stand up to these large institutions, developing a banking system for millennials.

Is it easier to start a business in this sector nowadays?

It is incredible how easy it is to start a FinTech business right now. In addition to the support of institutions such as the CNMV, we feel very supported by associations such as AEFI - where Guillermo Vicandi of Bnext leads the vertical of Neo Banco - which is doing a great job as an interlocutor in the new legal framework.

What barriers have you encountered as an entrepreneur in your career?

Mostly legal. They are extremely long processes that can take up to three years, so for a successful FinTech that has a product that the market likes, this lack of agility is a major burden that even generates mistrust among its customers.

Various surveys point to the fact that young entrepreneurship is not really taking off. There is no clear interest in entrepreneurship among the young Spanish population. Why do you think this is?

I could make a detailed analysis on this point but, simplifying my answer, I would basically highlight three aspects: the high cost of entrepreneurship in Spain, the amount of bureaucratic obstacles in terms of paperwork and time when launching any project, and the mentality of a society that continues to place more value on a civil servant's job than on the figure of the entrepreneur.

How would you encourage them and why? How would you convince them that entrepreneurship is a good decision?

I would tell them that FinTech is revolutionising financial services and is a very interesting and promising niche market. There is a growing movement to replace the traditional banking system and the use of technology simplifies relationships, shifting the control of finances from large entities to the user.

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The importance of the values of your company

    When you are analysing the idea of a business venture, the first thing you should put on the table is the priority of your company, this...